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Mgr.art. Boris Sirka, Ul. Kukucinova 2043/4, 069 01 Snina, Slovakia
Date of birth: 08.09.1981
Place of birth: Snina, Slovakia

2006 Complieted studies at Technical University, Faculty of art with title Mgr.art.
2003 - Study at Academy of visual art, New media, Prague, Czech republic
2000 - 2006 Study at Technical university, Faculty of arts, Department of Visual Arts and Intermedia,
Studio of graphic and experimental creation, Kosice, Slovakia
1996 - 2000 Secondary School of contemporary art, Kosice, Slovakia

Solo exhibitions:
2008 Boris Sirka, Kressling gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

Group exhibitions:
2009 5. Salon of Young Artists, House of Arts, Zlin, Czech republic
2009 Black and White, Kressling Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia
2009 New Entry, Kressling Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia
2009 Trezor, Rotunda gallery, Kosice, Slovakia
2009 Both sides of coins (Matus Lanyi - Boris Sirka), Art Gallery, Nove Zamky, Slovakia

2008 CZ-SK Contemporary young painting, Wannieck Gallery, Brno, Czech republic
2008 ITCA 2008, International Triennale of Contemporary Art 08, Nationall Gallery, Prague, Czech republic
2008 Gallery by night (with Lilla Borsos-Lőrinc), Studio gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2008 Antifarewell report, Business centre, Kosice, Slovakia
2008 East of Eden, Karlin studios, Prague, Czech republic
2008 Im Herzen Europas!!!, Kulturzentrum engliche kirche, Bad Homburg, Germany
2008 From west to east, East-Slovakian Gallery, Kosice, Slovakia
2008 OBRAZ-OVKA(Boris Sirka - Marek Kvetan), Gallery of contemporary hungarian artists, Dunajska Streda, Slovakia
2008 79. Auction of Slovak Contemporary Art - SOGA, Bratislava, Slovakia
2008 Contemporary East, East-Slovakian Gallery, Kosice, Slovakia
2008 Viennafair, Reed Messe Wien GmbH, Wien, Austria
2008 ART.SK, Bratislava, Slovakia
2008 Cassovia Contemporary Sale, Museum V.Loffler, Kosice, Slovakia

2007 K.O.mix, Gallery Young, Nitra gallery, Nitra, Slovakia
2007 International film festival - videoart section, Aupark, Palace cinema, Bratislava, Slovakia
2007 Make it up, Gallery AVU, Prague, Czech republic
2007 Painting 2007-VUB Price for young slovak painters, church of Klarisiek, Bratislava, Slovakia
2007 Scooter2: Biennale of Slovak contemporary art, Tatranska gallery, Poprad, Slovakia
2007 East of Eden, Moonride festival, Kosice, Slovakia
2007 Painting Triennial, Art Information Center of the Fine Arts Academy, Ľvov, Ukraine
2007 Mapping, Museum of Andy Warhol, Medzilaborce, Slovakia
2007 Painting Triennial, Deri Museum, Debrecin, Hungary
2007 Auction of slovak contemporary art, Sotheby´s, Design Factory, Bratislava, Slovakia
2007 East of Eden - contemporary art from Kosice, Space gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia
2007 Painting Triennial, Museum Tarii Crisurilor Oradea, Romania
2007 Opening - Kressling Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia
2007 Scooter, Biennale of Czech and Slovak republic, Jan Koniarek gallery, Trnava, Slovakia
2007 Auction ART.SK, Bratislava, Slovakia
2007 71. Extraordinary Auction of Slovak Contemporary Art, SOGA, Bratislava, Slovakia
2007 International Painting Triennial of Carpathian Region: Silver Quadrangle, East slovak gallery, Kosice, Slovakia
2007 Kanoczova-Sirka-Zakova: Museum of V.Loffler, Kosice, Slovakia
2007 PitoreSKa, Wanniek Gallery, Brno, Czech republic

2006 International Painting Triennial of Carpathian Region: Silver Quadrangle, Gallery ARP, Przemysl, Poland
2006 International Painting Triennial, Gallery BWA, Rzeszow, Poland
2006 4. Salon of Young Artists, House of Arts, Zlin, Czech republic
2006 Auction of slovak contemporary art, Sotheby´s, Design Factory, Bratislava, Slovakia
2006 New generation, Povazska gallery, Zilina, Slovakia
2006 Exhibition of diploma works, East slovak gallery, Kosice, Slovakia
2006 Man, ghost, hero, machine: Medium gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2005 Movie festival Azyl, Bratislava, Slovakia
2005 Stop domestic violence, Stara trznica, Bratislava, Slovakia
2005 Prievan-Draught: Gallery of town Prague, Prague, Czech republic
2005 Skart.sk - Kunstverein Heilbronn, Heilbronn, Germany
2005 Prievan-Draught: Povazska gallery, Zilina, Slovakia
2005 Multiplace - multimedial space Stanica, Zilina, Slovakia
2005 Investigation - Povazska gallery, Zilina, Slovakia
2005 dikOBRAZOVO-FARBI100: Nitra gallery, Nitra, Slovakia

2004 dikOBRAZOVO-FARBI100: Gallery of Jan Koniarek, Trnava, Slovakia
2004 50. Extraordinary Auction of Slovak Contemporary Art - SOGA, Bratislava, Slovakia
2004 ERROR 01: out of space - gallery HIT, Bratislava, Slovakia
2004 XXX party.Love.Sex.Erotic - Comedy theatre, Prague, Czech republic
2004 Volume one, Wave club, Presov, Slovakia
2004 Thailand New media art festival, Bangkok, Thailand
2004 European media art festival, Osnabruek, Germany
2004 Gallery A.M.180 - East Slovak art group show, Prague, Czech republic
2004 Oskar Cepan Price - Slovak institute, Prague, Czech republic
2004 Gallery A.M.180 - Red kiss message, Prague, Czech republic
2004 Mobility, Koln, Germany
2003 Avantgarda 03, Town gallery Rimavska Sobota, Rimavska Sobota, Slovakia
2003 Fresh - Loffler gallery, Kosice, Slovakia
2003 41. Extraordinary Auction of Slovak Contemporary Art - SOGA, Bratislava, Slovakia
2003 Painting workshop, Bardejov health-resort, Slovakia
2003 Investigation - Povazska gallery, Zilina, Slovakia
2003 Oskar Cepan Price - Mirbach palace, Bratislava, Slovakia
2003 New Media Nation - Buryzone, Bratislava, Slovakia

2002 Play Andy! Play Art! - Poprad gallery, Poprad, Slovakia
“Sirka represents a nearly “lethal dose” of contemporary decorative art.
On one side, he is bringing a strong wave of hot, high voltage visual effects,
on the other hand he is feeding on a decomposing spirit of low, garbage, junk culture.
The artist is fully aware of the fact that he is opening Pandora’s Box, a notorious
thirteenth room, and takes us through the underground dark waters of thinking.
His paintings present a gentle touch of exorcism, a sensitive mix of a sophisticated
class of painting with decadent forms of alternative subculture. The influence of comics,
animations, horror and terror, erotic and zombie movies in Sirka’s work is transformed
into powerfully creative artistic stories. Early happy scenes full of irony,
with burning pop colourings and a boosting plot; with naive characters having big
round eyes reminding Japanese mango animations or anima series are replaced by provocative
and subversive painting elements- blood, heart, red crosses, nuns. Night love,
and nightmare at the same time, god blessed pleasure and temptation from hell,
ever-burning desire of insatiable Eros. Then there are gloomy scenes with a dark
slate colour background with a woman’s head in its centre, engaged in an erotic
moment of sucking melancholic spirits of penis. In the latest collection,
the artist’s composition has calmed down, colours have brightened up and burst
into bloom, the vast coloured plains have cleared up, representing an easy ride
of decadent ecstasy. There are new characteristic motifs and stories that are presented
in paintings: a redheaded fashion model as a witch, tired Siamese double heads, wild flames
in eyes and hair, alternating with three levitating skulls with blowing hair, etc.
The artist is spinning his artistic narrative by help of a filiform contour line,
with massive coloured areas in the background.”

(curator: PhDr.Vladimir Beskid)

Sirka's painting has since its very beginning inclined
towards dark rather demonic iconography. The Cycles or
„collection“of works, which can be singled out within his
creative development are followed by relatively significant
changes of creative production. Whether it was his
beginnings influenced by the Japanese comics or earlier
necro-pornographic paintings, his paintings have never
lost a certain meditative dimension or the elegancy in its
expression. The changes in his creative perception are
always justified by a multiplayer movement from one
position to the other, and as a part of a more complex
ideological frame they reflect the inner change of thinking
and the approach towards the production. At the present,
his direction is marked by the deliberate separation of the
previous „alien“influences, by a deeper exploration of his
own motifs and topics. The topic basis still remains
anchored in the dark rooms of a human consciousness
and subconscious, in a horrifying question of death,
post-mortem life and an „imaginary world behind the
mirror“. In the newest collection of paintings and aquarelles
Sirka emphasizes the value of a painting; the lines are laid
next to each other with a concentrated accuracy, whilst
the paintings remain almost monochromatic. By means of
the motifs, where the crawling hair living its own life
resonate at most, the author knowingly deals with
a freezing atmosphere of the Japanese or dark poetics of
the romantic literature.

(curator: Diana Majdakova)

“His works were selected for the final especially for the topical
artistic language and media used, in particular in the field of animation.
The artist makes use of simple, even simplex, playful stylization, approximating
to the poetics of the animation wave of the 1990s in the U.S. and Japan.
Stupefying visuality and a pseudo-plot create the framework for the author’s
ironic-critical message, taking advantage above all of the naivety
of contemporary pseudo-pop-culture. Within the framework of this year’s
competition, Boris Sirka’s programme represents the youngest generation’s
standpoint belonging to the emergent art scene of the 21st century.”

(text from the Oskar Cepan Award 2003)

portrait made by Vlasta Žákova (hand-made embroidery, 2006)